What To Write In The Perfect Resume

The resume is the first step in the hiring process. This will either make or break you depending on how well together it is. Hiring managers are known to only spend between 5-7 seconds on reviewing a resume. So having a resume that stands out is a necessity.


Where do you go when you want to have a resume that stands out? Visualast.com is the first site that comes to mind when we think about resumes, not only because it is brand new, but also because it is the best one out there. First of all, it is very easy to use – you register, input your information, then choose your template. After that, you can share your resume or download it in PDF or Jpeg format. This process allows you to get a beautiful, professional visual resume.


However, writing an effective CV also means to valorize your own profile and to show right away that you are the ideal candidate for the position you are seeking. Of course, a good first impression is fundamental to be taken into consideration by those responsible for the selection you are trying to seek. To understand how to write a good resume, the first question to ask is: “what do employers look for?”


Answering the right questions


An important step is, to focus on the job offer and elaborate your resume tailored on it. What is the company looking for? What makes you the perfect candidate for that position? To answer all these questions allows us to spot the most relevant elements to insert in the resume, such as a university course on the subject, a similar work experience, the knowledge of a specific language or a technological tool. Let’s also not forget interests, volunteering activities and other similar information that contribute to display your profile in a good, coherent way.


The right style


While content is essential in order to write an effective resume, style is as important – simplicity and clarity are the principal aspects to keep in mind, especially considering the huge number of resumes employers receive every day. To highlight the most important facts and to make reading easier it is useful to use bold, to leave blank spaces and to utilize chronological order.


What to write and what to avoid


There are two quick secrets to writing an effective resume – not to forget the essential elements and to avoid the most common mistakes. What you can’t miss is:


  • complete and updated personal information
  • information about study and work experiences
  • detailed information about your knowledge of languages
  • a description of your personal abilities, especially those concerning teamwork, organization and technology



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