The Common Questions in a Job Interview

The job interview is the crucial part that determines whether you will get the job or not. It is like the ultimate stage that will affect everything. It is no wonder that most job seekers are afraid and nervous to deal with such situation. Answer the questions wrong and you will definitely end up not landing the dream job that you have always wanted.


Don’t worry; most of the job interviews are practically ‘predictable’ although it is not always the case. You can always anticipate the questions and prepare the correct (and yet sounds true and sincere) answers if you know what kinds of questions you will get.


The Greatest Weakness

The interviewer wants to know your response when you are facing the difficult moment as well as how you handle it. The question isn’t about consoling your biggest fear, but rather to find out how you deal with problems and come up as the winner.  When the interviewer asks you this, you can answer in the most honest manner covering these elements:

  • What is your weakness and why you are having a difficult time with it?
  • How do you work on it?
  • How can you turn it into your positive outcome and strength?


If you are able to go through the question with these elements, you’ve nailed it.


The Greatest Strength

This is another reason why you should do an initial research on the company so you know the positive qualities they are looking for. When you are asked this question, think of your best value that matches just nicely with the position that you want. It doesn’t hurt to add a quick story that matches the situation. Remember, you don’t want to bore the interviewer so make it quick, concise, clear, and direct.


The ‘Tell Me More About Yourself’

Keep in mind that interviewers may start with making your feel comfortable and at ease. When they come to this question, you probably think that it is okay to let loose a bit about your condition. Don’t let your guards down. Interviewers want to know more about your personal trait, characteristics, and skills. Instead of making them bored with your personal life story, why not focus on your education and your past working experience (if any). And then tell them what makes you think that your background fits the requirements for the job.


The ‘How Do You Know About Us’

You don’t want to answer this question by saying that you don’t know much, but yet you are willing to learn more. It simply shows you as a passive employee that may not contribute anything to the company. You can say that you may find their ads or get the information from a friend. It doesn’t hurt to say that you have also done your research and you think that the company has the same vision and mission as yours. Companies like to know that the candidates are actually willing to spend some time looking for information about them. It shows serious interest and a little bit of efforts from the candidate’s side.


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