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How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Unsecured Funding

The first step in obtaining unsecured funding is to make sure that you are prepared. If you’re looking to get unsecured funds between 10,000 and 400,000 with MooreSuccess Inc., these are some things that can help increase your chances of getting unsecured funding as well as speed up the process.

One way to increase your chances of getting funding is to have your ID and social security card ready. Making sure that your ID is still valid and not expired is key. In addition to making sure its valid making sure it has your updated address on it as well. When you have your ID ready scan the front and back in color and save it as a PDF or Jpeg. Next you want to scan the front and back of your social security card. If you haven’t signed your social security card, you will need to do so. If you can’t find your social security card, you will need to head to the social security administration and request a new copy. Making sure this is done before applying can help increase your chances of getting funded and help speed up the process.

Another way to increase your chances of getting funded is to have your credit score. Using a service that shows all three credit bureaus is important. This way you can look at not only your credit score but also your credit report. You can see if there is any derogatory reporting in advance and if so get it rectified before submitting your application.

Getting your utility bills ready is important. These can be any of the following a water bill, gas bill, cable bill, phone bill, or sewer bill. Its best to have more than one utility bill if possible in the event there is an issue with one you have a backup. Also you want to make sure that the utility bills have the same address as your ID. If you don’t have a utility bill prepare your credit card statement. If your credit card isn’t in the same address as your ID make the changes and then download a copy in PDF format.

Preparing your bank statements is important as well. Making sure your bank account is updated with your address on your ID is important. Once your account reflects the same address as your ID you want to get the last three months and download or save them as a PDF. Having this done will help improve your chances of getting approved and speed up the process as well.

Next you want to get your last 30 days of pay stubs ready. If you get paid once a month then it will be just a single pay stub. If you get paid by weekly it will be two pay stubs. If you get paid weekly you’ll need four pay stubs. If your address isn’t the same as your ID on your pay stub to get it updated with human resources as soon as possible and request for a reprint to see if they can update your address. If not you’ll have to wait until you get new stubs. Having this done in advance can save you time and increase your chances of obtaining unsecured funds.

While getting your pay stub if you don’t have last years W2 you will need to request this as well. If you moved and the address is different on your previous W2 this is ok. However if your address has not been updated with your human resources you may want to take care of this.

Knowing your credit ulitzation is also key. You want to make sure you have at least 50 percent left on your credit cards. If you don’t have at least 50 percent left you will need to pay down your debt. Knowing this before you apply and making sure you have your utilization correct will be important in helping you get funding.

Going to your bank and getting a direct deposit slip is also helpful. This will allow you to get the funds directly deposited into your account. Ask your bank to issue you a direct deposit slip with your account and routing number. Having this taken care of before applying will greatly increase your funding and speed.

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